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Note: To keep the registration process quick and easy, you may register yourself above, plus up to six other people in the fields below.  Please include both the first and last names of for these additional guests. Name tags will be created based upon these entries.
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Please Read: The form on the the next page has two options for selecting events and paying for the meet:
1) 'FULL FARE', and 2) 'PICK N’ CHOOSE'.

In a single registration, you can't have some guests follow the FULL FARE option and others follow the PICK N’ CHOOSE option. They must all choose one path or the other. To meet those mixed needs you may register them in separate groups, some using the FULL FARE option, others using the PICK ‘N CHOOSE option. This keeps the registration process from being overly complicated and confusing to use.

Example: Dick is registering himself and his wife. He is choosing "Full Fare", but Jane only wants to attend the banquet. Dick will need to register and pay for himself first, then register and pay for Jane's banquet with the "Pick N’ Choose" option separately. 
I am available as a volunteer and assist with the meet.
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