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Introducing the Burlington Route Historical Society

The Burlington Route Historical Society (BRHS) is an Illinois non-profit corporation whose membership consists of diverse group of historians, collectors, railfans, photographers, modelers and railroad employees who have banded together to share one common interest, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad; its two affiliates, the Colorado & Southern and the Fort Worth & Denver; and their predecessors. The fellowship created by this common interest and the opportunity for networking with members and others are the society's greatest assets. Activities to promote this fellowship are geared to serve the wide variety of interests of its members on almost every facet of the CB&Q as it served "Everywhere West."

Founded in October 1979, the BRHS has enjoyed a steady growth that now allows us to produce two publications. The Zephyr, is a newsletter featuring Society news, current events, articles on modeling, and frequently data sheets on equipment, structures or operation. Also included is a Question and Answer forum where members share information you never dreamed was available. The Burlington Bulletin, named after one of the CB&Q's own internal publications, is a slick paper magazine with feature articles about operations, equipment and communities along the "Way of the Zephyrs." Each issue is devoted solely to the Burlington and contains no commercial advertising. In 1989 a Burlington Bulletin article was the recipient of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society's "David P. Morgan Article Award." This marked the first time the award was given to an article in a publication other than one of the mainstream national magazines. The BRHS is justifiably proud of this recognition.

Due to the all-volunteer nature of our society, our publication schedule is somewhat irregular, even though we strive to get two issues of each publication distributed each year plus a calendar.

However, publications aren't the only benefits of membership in the BRHS! Each fall the members of the BRHS meet in a city served by the Burlington. This 2-3 day meet normally includes our annual business meeting, model contest and display, photography contest, clinics, an evening dinner and program usually followed by slides and movies. A one-day spring meet, that includes a swap session, evening meal, and a program followed by slides, is also scheduled.

By working together, we can accomplish much more than through individual efforts. Materials presented for publication, or for sharing with the membership in other ways, come from private collections or through research at various repositories of Burlington records. The BRHS depends heavily upon its members to provide support for the group through their willingness to contribute in any way possible. Those with experience in any phase of publishing, drafting, have knowledge of the operation of the Burlington, or have collections of photographs or information are encouraged to offer their assistance. Those wishing to provide additional financial support may join as a sustaining member, and in recognition of that support, a list of all sustaining members are published in the Annual Report once per year and in Bulletins from time to time.

Libraries, historical societies, museums and other organizations interested in preserving and sharing the Burlington story, while not legally allowed to be members, are invited to subscribe to our publications at a price equal to one year's dues.

We cordially invite you to join over 1100 members from all 50 states in America and numerous countries abroad, by filling out a membership application form, and send it to us with your first year's dues. No matter how diverse your interests are or how unique your specialty, we're certain you'll enjoy the publication, activities and the many acquaintances you'll meet after joining the Burlington Route Historical Society. Come and share your fascination with the great Burlington Route.

All Aboard!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Burlington Route Historical Society is to preserve and disseminate historical information about the collective Burlington railroads for the benefit of our members and to others by:

  • creating and promoting fellowship and education among persons interested in the CB&Q
  • locating, gathering, preserving, interpreting and distributing information, documents, publications and other tangible items relating to the CB&Q

    Frequently Asked Questions (BRHS)

    Q: Why do I see the Burlington Bulletin in the hobby shop before I receive it?
    A: The majority of the Burlington Bulletin retail copies are shipped directly from our printer or delivered by a volunteer in the Chicago area. Neither have the space available to store the Bulletins while waiting for the membership mailing to be processed. We are doing it this way to save the society money which results in your low membership dues.

    Q: When should I renew my membership?
    A: Expiration dates are as follows: January lst, April lst, July lst, and October 1st. Thirty days prior to your expiration date a renewal notice is mailed. You have until 30 days after your renewal date to get your payment in. Thirty days after your renewal date your publications (mailings) are suspended. Sixty days (if no payment is received) your membership is considered terminated and the possibility of a new membership number and expire date will exist. If your renewal is received 30 days after your renewal date or later and we publish or mail during the period you are in a suspended status, you will need to purchase the published material on a back issue basis.

    Believe it or not, 15 - 20 % of our members are renewing two to five months late. It is a cost we believe we should no longer bear. It allows some members to get one quarter of a year's membership gratis while others pay on a timely basis. Also, additional postage and processing costs add to our burden.

    Q: Why am I charged Illinois Sales Tax on shipping? (Illinois Residents only)
    A: Because the shipping and handling actual exact cost cannot be predetermined, it is considered part of the cost of merchandise sold and therefore is subject to sales tax if shipped into Illinois (i.e. from Iowa) at 6.25%, or, if shipped within Illinois (from LaGrange) at 8.25%. Please do not run us afoul of our Illinois tax obligation. Because the shipping is considered part of the goods sold, it is taxable and we pay Illinois tax on it. Please figure tax on total of merchandise and shipping/handling as we must remit to the State of Illinois. This issue is not new. We suggest you check catalogues like J. C. Penney, Land's End, Golfsmith, etc., and you will see many others also collect state sales tax on shipping to avoid running afoul of sales tax law. All have varying rules by state. We must collect or our members outside of Illinois will subsidize our tax liability which would be unfair to them.

    Q: Can you help me with some information about someone who worked on the CB&Q?
    A: Unfortunately, at this time, the BRHS is not aware of any employment records that have been preserved for the CB&Q. The CB&Q did archive its corporate records at the Newberry Library in Chicago, but most, if not all the employment records were destroyed after the Burlington Northern merger. We get many requests from genealogists, and at this time we have to disappoint all of them equally. We suggest that you browse the site and do searches on some of the online genealogy websites/organizations.

    Copyright Info

    Non-photographic content - Copyright 2016 Burlington Route Historical Society. Photographic images reproduced from member submissions or the BRHS collection are copyrighted by their respective owners. Many photographs donated to the BRHS do not identify the photographer or the owner to the copyright. Any image in violation of copyright will be removed upon notification. Commercial duplication of any material contained herein is prohibited without the prior written permission of the BRHS or the owners of the image.